Diagnosis / Cure/Treatment

How to be diagnosed?  

If you recognize the symptomes of Troyer in your childeren please get in touch with your neurologist who will you refer to Genectius for a genetic testing. This is the shortest way to get a diagnosis for Troyer.

The innovations in the Medical technology make more possible now. With the Whole Exome Sequencing you have now the possibliity to pin-point to certain known disorder in the whole human genes. 

Is there any Cure for the Troyer Syndrome?  

There are no specific treatments to prevent or slow the progressive degeneration seen in Troyer syndrome. 

Symptomatic therapy includes antispasmodic drugs and physical therapy to improve muscle strength and maintain range of motion in the legs. 

Assistive devices may be needed to help with movement like rollator walker or wheel chair.

Technical developments and innovations give us hope to treat some or all symptomes in the future. The GeneTherapy Stem Cell transplantations and Deep Brain Simulations are the newest technologies for genetic disorders.